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Infinadeck and TPCAST will Deliver a True Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Infinadeck and TPCAST take the VR experience to the next level by integrating the TPCAST Business Edition (BE) with the Infinadeck platform and allowing multiple users to be in Virtual Reality simultaneously, at the same physical location.

The companies announce that they will demo their combined solution including the BE Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive at the Augmented World Expo. Recently, Infinadeck, the creator of the first true commercial omnidirectional treadmill, and TPCAST, the leader in Wireless VR technology for PC-based Virtual Reality head-mounted displays, announced their partnership.

The TPCAST Wireless Adapter is the only PC VR Wireless Solution available in the market today and the TPCAST Consumer Edition Wireless Adapter has been shipping in North America since November 2017. The TPCAST Business Edition Wireless Adapter was released in April 2018. The BE adapter supports two or four users operating in the same physical space and enables various industry applications such as arcades, experience centers, theme parks, education, healthcare, training, real estate, travel, interior design, retail, and automotive to benefit from Wireless VR.

“We have been working with TPCAST for the past 2 months and their solution enhances the VR experience dramatically. With the TPCAST Business Edition, we are able to provide a true immersive experience, which is unique in the market and have the ability to operate multiple users in the same environment,” stated Ben Freeman, Infinadeck’s CEO. “We are looking forward to continue the cooperation and demonstrate the systems at the upcoming AWE conference with our content partners.”

The combined solution of the Infinadeck omnidirectional treadmill, and a VR headset with the TPCAST Adapter for HTC Vive, provides users a completely immersive experience, free from cables, where users can walk around in any direction, and easily forget about the physical presence of the treadmill. This combined solution will be demonstrated at the Infinadeck booth at AWE on May 31st – June 1st at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Tradeshow visitors will engage in the unique experience of walking on the omnidirectional treadmill, in true VR immersion, as they explore Skyrim on the Infinadeck, wirelessly.

“TPCAST is excited to partner with Infinadeck and to showcase its Multi-User Wireless VR capabilities through an incredible experience on the Infinadeck treadmill. With the TPCAST Business Edition Wireless Adapter, users can feel as if they’re truly in the virtual world and walk in any direction they choose as they explore VR,” said Tal Arad, TPCAST’s North America Marketing Manager. “The Infinadeck omnidirectional treadmill provides infinite moving capabilities with a simple solution, and significantly enhances the VR experience. We look forward to sharing true immersion with AWE trade show visitors.”

The TPCAST Business Edition Wireless Adapter is in stock and available. Please contact TPCAST sales for more information about the AWE special promotion. For the Infinadeck treadmill availability, contact info(at) The combined TPCAST and Infinadeck solution will be demonstrated at the AWE Conference in Santa Clara, CA on May 31st – June 1st at Booth 24.

About Infinadeck:
Infinadeck is a pioneering technology company in the virtual reality hardware market. The company’s vision is to create a virtual reality omnidirectional treadmill that will feel so natural that users will forget they are on it. Our technology will pave the way to true VR immersion. Our fully functional prototype of the Infinadeck was originally demonstrated to VR enthusiasts at the first SVVR conference in 2014 and premiered to the rest of the world in 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Creator of the first commercial wireless virtual reality solution, TPCAST’s vision is to unleash the VR world by making the VR/AR/MR HMDs wireless. The company’s patent-pending technologies enable highly efficient bi-directional communications between the PC and the VR HMD with near zero latency. TPCAST’s mission is to work with the VR industry ECO partners including HMD manufacturers, game developers, content providers, GPU makers, and key VR technology providers to deliver the best wireless VR experience to consumers and enterprise users.

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