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Infinity AR Receives Best AR Engine Award

Infinity AR aka Infinity Augmented Reality Group recently received the technology innovation award from research group, Frost & Sullivan. InfinityAR developed a software-based AR engine that received top scores both in future business value criteria and technology attributes.




Infinity AR’s technology can turn any device into a powerful AR platform by using simple and affordable hardware. The company utilizes 2D camera sensors to identify 3D environments, which can be integrated into smart AR products to provide:


1. An accurate digital 3D scene representation of one’s current physical environment:

Enabling an intelligent understanding of the mapped 3D scene by creating a depth map and 3D reconstruction


2. Information about a broad series of essential factors that influence the environment and are crucial for building high quality real-life AR experience such as:

Light sources, reflections, transparency, shadows, etc.

Recognition of real world objects, their physical characteristics and how they affect the scene


3. Ongoing analysis of user orientation and position in the environment:

Sensing and presenting the environment from the user’s point of view



Infinity AR as a hardware manufacturers providing a fantastic, user-friendly software platform to their developers. Such platform will definitely help the virtual reality industry grow stronger as a whole! Developers can utilize the engine as an efficient mean to develop applications to provide an enriched AR experience.

Infinity AR plans to release their beta version in Q3 of 2015.


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