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Is Virtual Adult Game Influencing VR Gaming Market?

Porn and sex in virtual reality is not something that is distant in the future, it is already here and thriving. And there is no exception for virtual adult games. Virtual reality adult content and virtual adult games are already two of the most popular sectors in VR ecosystem.

Complete Guide to Virtual Adult Games

Virtual reality adult content is one of the important and profitable driving forces in the VR industry, only falls behind virtual reality games.

With the emergences of 3D scanned porn stars in virtual adult games, the boundary between virtual reality game and virtual reality adult content is gradually fading away. Below are two actual game play demo of popular virtual adult game VR Kanojo.

Adult film studios are launching virtual adult games in attempt to reach audiences who prefers 3D virtual characters than real adult actresses. Virtual Real Porn recently launched VRLove, a virtual adult game that offers different scenes featuring 3D scanned avatar of well-known porn actresses.

There are already a handful of hardcore “VR sex” games out there, such as Chathouse3D, 3DXChat, Waifu Sex Simulator or Play Club – but these games are tailored and marketed to an adult audience. There are very little boundaries to control the spread of virtual pornographic material on the Internet, with much it open source and developers having a free reign with their creative abilities. This has led to our favorite video games having their characters used and adapted to feature in cosplay VR porn fantasies and x-rated VR games.

“One of the most marketable genres of virtual reality porn is cosplay. VR porn can really bring a fantasy to life around the viewer, so it makes sense that our favorite video game characters are making appearances. Cosplay is a hobby that many people share and porn studios like VRCosplayX are taking it to the next level.” That was Mike Hartman of the NSFW VRSmash, speaking about the cosplay influence on VR.

As of today, hardcore virtual adult games are still not accept by some of major VR consoles such as PSVR. Nevertheless, many explicit virtual adult games do support HTC Vive and Oculus, we would assume that soon in the near future, all VR consoles would support virtual adult content.

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