Jaunt VR Is Going All Out in 2015


 Jaunt VR's Partnership With Different Brands

Jaunt VR is going all out in 2015!  In 2014, Jaunt first collaborated with 1/4 of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, and created a 360 degree full immersive concert experience which is currently available on Google Play for immediate installation, give you have a VR Head mounted device. Jaunt also teamed up with my personal favorite outdoor brand The Northface and launched a project called “The Northface VR” , and created 360 degree videos into the wild in California’s Yosemite National Park,  with climbers hanging on the cliff and rock edge.   In 2015, Jaunt is showing more aggressive moves.


jaunt vr projects 2015

Jaunt has several exciting collaboration projects with different industries on hand in 2015!


vr sxsw


Jaunt attended and debuted 3 projects at the famed film, interactive, music festivals SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this month:


The Northface x Jaunt VR collaboration

Jaunt is working with director Paul Feig to create the virtual reality experience project named “ Other Space”, it will showcased at SXSW and will release in April, 2015.


the northface vr jaunt teamed

The Northface Virtual Reality Project

A project took place in California’s Yosemite National Park, and Utah’s Moab. Featuring athletes Cedar Wright and Same Elias. Visitors to selected Northface stores in the U.S. will be able to experience the 360 degree videos.


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Revolt TV x Jaunt VR

A preview of musician Big Sean’s 360 degree concert that took placed at Hollywood’s Highland Center, Big Sean’s performance for the track “Blessing” enhanced by Jaunt’s technology will have the viewer feel like they were actually in the audience, and in the front row.


Looks like Jaunt VR is almost ready!  As outdoor sports and music lovers, we are glad to see Jaunt teaming up with industry giants like Revolt and The Northface, we are looking forward for more exciting collaborations from Jaunt and their new partners!


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