Leading Brands Discuss How to Get ROI from Immersive Tech in Free Webinar This Month SAN FRANCISCO – July 10, 2018 – As enterprise businesses start to see the benefits of immersive tech, VR Intelligence brings together immersive leads from Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with HTC Vive, for a webinar to discuss where and how companies can get a real return on their investment in XR.

Last month, an XR industry survey by VR Intelligence revealed some interesting feedback on the uses of VR and AR in enterprise. On one hand, the vast majority of companies already using immersive tech, claimed they were seeing positive results and intend to invest more.

On the other, many enterprise companies yet to implement the technology, reported difficulty in proving ROI to gain internal buy-in from budget holders.

While XR companies have excelled in creating hardware and software to transform industries – from architecture to automotive, retail and beyond – the question now comes in how those benefits can be measured and communicated, in order to push for further adoption and investment.

To understand this further, VR Intelligence is bringing together two major household brands – Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with major VR headset gurus, HTC – to discuss what impacts the technologies are actually having, and how companies can build a business case for continued investment.

With a panel of experts:

Vinay Narayan, Vice President, Product and Operations (Americas), HTC Vive

Raj Tiwari, Global Service Owner – Advanced Technologies (XR), Johnson & Johnson

Lee Burrell, Director of Business Development – Automotive, Engineering & Manufacturing, DHL

Discussion chaired by: Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

The key talking points will cover:

Benefits and applications of XR tech and how to gain buy-in from the right people

The importance of proving the value proposition of XR from the start to enable it to sustain and scale

Why consistently tracking and measuring success is key to proving the business case and demonstrating ROI The webinar will take place on September 20 at 10am PDT. To register for the webinar, or receive the recording afterwards, go to this page.

About VRX and VR Intelligence

VR Intelligence is the world’s leading network of senior level decision makers in VR, AR and immersive tech, brought together at the annual VRX events in San Francisco (December) and VRX Europe (May).

The company’s year-round dialogue with the industry’s biggest tech innovators and forward-thinking strategists, allows for the production of market leading events, insights from industry thought leaders and game-changing business connections.

The VRX event series launched in 2015 and focuses on strategic business and tech opportunities as virtual reality takes hold in gaming, consumer entertainment and enterprise.

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