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Kenna James is a Bad Teacher – Find Out What That Means in 8K Ultra HD 3D VR!

From Virtual Reality Bangers

VR porn movies are not for the underaged – and that is for sure – so we can assume with some certainty that all their viewers are adults – which means that some of them are… parents. Why do we even mention that? Well, being a parent is indeed a tough ride and requires you to have a whole lot of patience – but sometimes, as it has just been proven by one of the best professional VR porn video makers, VR Bangers, it does pay off. In their latest VR porn scene, they are inviting all the horny parents from the list of their viewers to join an extremely beautiful girl in the classroom, where they will spend some time with her on… rather intense “discussions”.

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Inside of this teen VR porn fantasy called Bad Teacher, VR Bangers have created a scenario that could have happened to pretty much any of us – it is, with some VR porn-related twists to make it a little bit spicier for all their always-horny fans.

Imagine the following situation: you are a father (as most certainly you really are) of a kid who messed up something during his school time and yet again you are asked to meet the teacher to discuss his bad behavior. When you are in the place, sitting in the classroom in front of the teacher’s table already, you realize that the girl who is your son’s teacher is a new person – and not only she is much younger than this old rag who used to teach him, but she is also incredibly sexy and hot.

What could happen next? You will have to find that out on your own by visiting VR Bangers and watching this VR porn movie in up to 8K ultra-high-definition yourself – but you can be sure that Kenna James, a truly beautiful professional blonde VR porn star chosen for this role, will do her best to make your time worth a while and ensure your certain relaxation and fulfillment on behalf of VRBangers.com.

“Going to school to ‘talk’ about your child’s behavior does not necessarily have to mean something bad,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “I mean, in real life indeed it usually means something at least unpleasant – but here, in the immersive world of VR porn experiences, we are turning everything into fully-fledged and truly sought-after VR porn fantasies for our fans and members to enjoy. I think we just did that again and our viewers are going to love their top-quality time spent with Kenna – you only have to wear your VR goggles now to enjoy it all in 8K UHD 3D VR!”

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