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Krush Technologies Presents Moveo @ CES 2016 – Free Rotation Simulator To Enhance VR Experiences

Krush Technologies based in Dayton, Ohio and founded in 2015. A tech company best known for it’s video chat platform ooVoo, just surprised visitors at CES 2016 with a full-scale 360 degree, free rotation VR simulator with the code name Moveo, which looks like a futuristic one-person spaceship!


“We ignore boundaries, building tech that spans physical and virtual worlds, hardware, software, and engineering. Our products create spaces for true engagement, excitement, and interaction.”


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Krush Technologies Presents Moveo – Free Rotation Simulation For VR

Users are set in the cocktail with a set of Oculus Rift, a sleek white helmet and a joystick-like controller to engage with the fully immersive VR experience. There is very little information on Moveo on the company’s site, and according Krush Technologies, Moveo is a custom-made, conceptual prototype that won’t be ready for mass production anytime soon.



Krush Technologies Team

Krush Technologies Team @ CES 2016


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However, it is certainly interesting to see the true potential of VR simlation, and what the future holds for VR gaming in the years to come! Hope it won’t be a long wait, because we are ready to invest in a set!


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