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Let Your Bad Date With Emma Hix Turn Into Something Much Better in VR!

We all know that not every blind date in the world has gone 100% according to the plan. Especially when your friends are trying to hook up you with that awesome girl that you are going to fall in love with whom almost every single time turns to be a rather unstable person – she does not have a boyfriend for a reason, right?

It does not always have to be like that, though… and especially not in virtual reality!

Thankfully, when talking about some VR porn videos – one of the most immersive and lifelike adult contents available at the moment to be experienced online – premium producers like Virtual Reality Bangers always take care of their customers satisfaction and there are no bad scenarios inside of high-quality VR porn fantasies – or at least not within this meaning of the word bad.

The latest VR Bangers VR porn video called the Bad Date with beautiful Emma Hix is about joining the girl on one of those blind dates in which the only thing that you are certain about is… that you cant be certain about anything – every member of the Virtual Reality Bangers family will pretty soon find that out for himself, right after wearing a pair of some high-tech VR goggles.

We have prepared something rather hardcore inside of the Bad Date VR porn video, so if you are not a fan of harsh rides, perhaps you should avoid this scene for your own safety,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. It does not mean that I want to discourage anybody from watching our newest VR porn fantasy – I am just trying to say that it is one of few BDSM VR porn scenes available on the market, and all sexual activities inside of it might seem to be a little bit more extreme than usually. Yet we know that some of our members just could not wait for a VR porn film like that… so here it is!

In the Bad Date VR porn movie, Emma will blindfold you as soon as you will start watching the scene, and moments later you will be taken to a room from inside of which no one will ever hear your screams – and wild moans of Mrs. Hix, either! The girl is determined to reach some pure pleasure while playing with the dick of every VR Bangers follower diving inside of this VR porn scene with his VR headset on – we believe that her approach to this blind date might be quite surprising, yet extremely satisfying!

If you are interested in watching this newest VR Bangers scene in full 6K ultra high definition, visit its page by going over here – Emma is already waiting for you out there, whether you are ready or not!

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