MANDT VR and Freeform Labs Join Forces to Bring “Craftmas” to Steam

Virtual reality (VR) production company, MANDT VR, and VR content developer, Freeform Labs, today announced the release of their first collaborative project, “Craftmas.” With the use of a head-mounted display (HMD) and a connected 3D position-tracked controller, the interactive experience allows users to capture the spirit of the holiday season by designing custom ornaments and using them to decorate a virtual tree.

“Working with the Freeform Labs’ team provides us the opportunity to explore different avenues of VR and create unique worlds, such as the winter wonderland found in ‘Craftmas,'” said Neil Mandt, CEO and founder of MANDT VR. “As our relationship matures, we look forward to pushing the envelope more and testing the limits of this relatively new medium.”

By wearing a VR headset and moving a 3D position-tracked controller, such as the HTC Vive, users are can materialize ornaments out of thin air with freehand doodles and strokes. Friends and family can take turns adorning their virtual tree with abstract sculptures, initials, cupcakes, penguins, caricatures, or whatever else they find fun or meaningful.

“Last winter, we made the first ‘Craftmas’ prototype out of a desire to share VR with our families. VR can be isolating, which has its time and place, but the holidays are all about togetherness. We were determined to make an experience that works best with a group,” said Max Pixel, co-founder and CEO of Freeform Labs. “Everyone had a wonderful time with it, so we’re grateful for the opportunity to share that joy with others this year. I’m very confident in this partnership with MANDT VR – they have great aspirations, backed by talented leadership and an apt network.”

The “Craftmas” experience is now available on Steam in Early Access for $4.99 with a limited introduction price of $2.99. To learn more, please visit, or follow “Craftmas” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MANDT VR is a Los Angeles-based production studio specializing in the creation of premium virtual reality content. MANDT VR balances technological innovation with creative ingenuity to produce VR experiences that transport audiences to three-dimensional worlds beyond the boundaries of traditional media. Channeling the limitless magic of virtual reality, MANDT VR converts people from passive viewers into active participants in stories designed to engage, inform, entertain and delight.

To learn more, visit or follow MANDT VR on Instagram, Facebook, Littlstar, Snapchat and Twitter.

About Freeform Labs
Freeform Labs develops experiences and games for virtual reality. The company aims to ignite people’s passion for creativity, mastery and exploration by empowering users to express, play and grow with their friends, family and fans.

Freeform Labs has won recognitions from IndieCade and The Proto Awards. The company is located in Culver City, CA and can be found online at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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