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Meet Sexy and Elegant Lenina Crowne in VR Sex

By Virtual Real Porn

Meet Lenina Crowne in VR sex. We hadn’t personally met Lenina Crowne, but we had watched her videos on Pornhub. When we saw her for the first time, she reminded us of the classic 20’s and 30’s beauty. Very Peaky Blinders alike. Knowing that she had already made some videos in virtual reality sex, we decided to get in touch with her and shoot a video for VirtualRealPorn. And what a nutritious way to start!

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It was a fantastic experience, from the moment I arrived until the shoot was over. The whole team, including the lovely Spanish photographer, were super nice and very welcoming.”

We wanted Lenina Crowne to tell us her thoughts when shooting in virtual reality porn. Obviously, a post about her and her experience was the perfect excuse to make her an interview via e-mail.

VirtualRealPorn: In VirtualRealPorn we want that our actresses feel comfortable enough to live their sexuality in a free, respectful and mutual way during the shooting. Did you think we achieve that? And if we didn’t, what do you think will help us to get it?

Lenina Crowne: yes, you absolutely achieved that 🙂

Since we began the VR Porn world six years ago, we wanted to build a comfortable atmosphere. Where every actress felt sexually free, active during the shooting and, of course, with complete confidence to say “no”.

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