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Mission Impossible V Virtual Reality Experience @ Immersed Europe-Supported By InMediaStudio

Immersed Europe 2015 just announced a very exciting VR experience! A fully-equipped “Mission Impossible V” virtual reality demo experience is taking place at Immersed Europe in Murcia, Spain from September 3-4, 2015.


immersed europe mission impossible


This unique VR experience will blow you out of your seat and sweep you off your feet, literally! You will be strapped with bungee jumping and extreme sport security buckles and safety belt, and hang in the mid-air wearing a VR headset!InMediaStudioThe amazing official demo experience is supported by Madrid, Spain based InMediaStudio!


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The equipment is to simulate the realistic experience when Tom was hanging on one side of the airplane in Mission Impossible V Rogue Nation. You are Tom Cruise for one day, isn’t that cool!


For Immersed Europe attendees, The Mission Impossible V virtual reality demo’s public exhibition is free, but do register in advance so your demo access is reserved!


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