Monster VR Releases Psychedelic Multiplayer Beta Version of SWEET ESCAPE VR on Steam (Party or Death)

Virtual reality is a powerful gateway to different worlds — worlds as colorful and dangerous as Sweet Escape VR. Imagine being a kid again. Going to the candy store with your parents, and getting lost among the colorful barrels of taffy, jars of lollipops, and endless rows of gummies and chocolates. Tugging on her dress, you squeal with delight, “Mommy! Mommy! Look!” She turns to you but suddenly, you’re gone! Poof! You’ve entered a delicious world made entirely of candy, and you’re not alone.



Race against friends and strangers around the globe in this psychedelic climbing landscape of candy imagination. Tick tock, time is not on your side! Utilize your agility and master your fear of heights as you swing from licorice vines, climb over tricky candybar obstacles, and launch yourself over great distances onto narrow targets. This delicious race will sling you up to lofty summits, so beware the real sensation of falling from dizzying heights! First one to the finish line wins, but beware: one bad slip could be your end…and you definitely don’t want to be last. Survive to tell the tale and make the ultimate choice – party or death! The game is on sale for $9.99 until Nov 2!


Sweet Escape VR is currently available for the HTC Vive with plans to release on the Oculus and PSVR.

Buy Sweet Escape VR on Steam:



Check out the latest developments at:

Facebook: Monster VR

Website: http://sweetescapevr.com/ & http://www.monstervr.com/

Twitter: @monstervr_

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