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Hottest Youtube 360 VR Immersive Video Collection 3

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Simple Guide on How To Watch and Interact W/ YouTube 360 Degree Video

From computer

YouTube supports playback of 360 videos from the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Safari is not supported.

From mobile and tablets

To watch and interact with YouTube 360 videos, be sure to you have updated your device with the latest version of the app. For viewing YouTube videos, you will want to copy the video title name then open the YouTube app, and paste into the search box.

For an immersive experience, you can watch 360 degree videos with Cardboard via the YouTube app. Once the 360 video is launched, simply click the Cardboard icon on the lower right corner and insert phone into the Cardboard.

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360 View | First Stage Landing on Droneship

Amazon’s SpaceX Falcon9 Rocket landing captured on 360 degree video! Check out the full story on this page. If you want to know more about future generation of commercial space travel technology, you might also want to check out Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk’s Blue Origin, and SpaceVR!

THE LION KING on Broadway – ‘Circle of Life’ in 360º

Unlike most virtual reality captures of landscapes, sporting events or concerts, The Lion King’s allows viewers to experience “Circle of Life” from the actors’ point of view and see activity otherwise invisible to an audience. The camera allows viewers – in a seamless 360° sweep – to experience the number from within it, completely surrounded by the 31 cast members onstage, Julie Taymor’s eye-popping puppets and masks, the audience seated in the Minskoff Theatre auditorium, set pieces flying in from above and actors emerging from two floors below the stage as Pride Rock rises up to present Mufasa, Rafiki and baby Simba. The virtual reality technology enables viewers to choose where to look at every point, inviting repeat viewings of the video to take in every possible vantage point.

the lion king 360 musical

“In our 19th year, The Lion King continues to be embraced to an unprecedented degree around the world, and we are humbled,” said Thomas Schumacher, President and Producer Disney Theatrical Productions. “But with that success comes the responsibility to consistently find new ways of sharing Julie Taymor’s bold artistry. What better way to do that than this cutting edge virtual reality technology that puts you right in the middle of one of the most unforgettable production numbers ever staged? For the first time ever, you become part of the ‘Circle of Life.’”

Elephants on the Brink (360 Video)

A herd of African elephants curiously investigates its surroundings in South Africa and happens to notice cameras filming their behavior. Among the smartest of all animals, elephants continue to be in grave danger from poachers fueling the ivory trade.

KIDNAPPED! Get taken Virtual Reality Comedy

Your frightened mother has called five times tonight. Reports of two thugs on a crime spree have struck fear into the local city folk. But who cares! You’re in a comfy bed reading your favorite eBook. What could possibly go wrong?

Discovery VR Presents – The Fight to Save Threatened Species (360 Video)

Get closer than ever before to the most extraordinary creatures on the planet…before they disappear. Whale sharks, rhinos, elephants, manta rays and lions are all threatened with extinction. Watch more at

The Ellen Show’s 360° Video Surprise!

From Brielle to Nick the Gardener, Ellen Degeneres has a surprise for some of this season’s most memorable faces – if they can make it to the show!

Every Super Mario Game Combined in 360 Video

Mario takes you on a stroll throughout history to see every key Super Mario game that’s ever been released… so far.

Mega Coaster: Get Ready for the Drop (360 Video)

Strap in for the ride of a lifetime on a twisting steel behemoth of fun. This scream machine will push you into the back of your seat over 4,000 feet of track, with a half dozen inversions and speeds topping out over 60 miles an hour. This ride will feel more real than ever, save for the part where you have to wait in line.

SWIMSUIT Issue 2016: Virtual Reality Beach Experience | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine

SWIMSUIT 2016: Virtual Reality Beach Experience featuring Irina Shayk, Nina Agdal and Hannah Davis. Watch more exclusive SI Swimsuit 2016 videos visit:

Time Couch – VR Demo by StressLevelZero

Time Couch is an in-engine VR experience made by us, StressLevelZero, as a test. All alleyways were created by photoscanning real environments. Created in Unity on OriginPC’s.

Isle of Jaws Captured on 360 Degree Video – From a Underwater Cage

Suit up and join the team on the search for the mysterious “Isle of Jaws” in Discovery’s first-ever full virtual reality act. Watch out for the sharks behind you!

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