MushroomBallVR: A Classic VR Platformer Supporting Oculus Rift & Vitruix Omni

MushroomBallVR is a third-person VR platformer for the Oculus Rift with first-person support for the Virtuix Omni treadmill. In MushroomBallVR, you are the leader of your Mushroom kingdom. You and your companions love mushrooms and need them to survive. It’s your job to travel in your mushroomball to all corners of the cartoon worlds and collect mushrooms for your people!


You travel through land, ice, wind and sand collecting coins and magical mushrooms to increase your overall Mushroom Score. Using coins you can buy potions that fly you into the air, make you invincible, freeze time, and even place mark your spot in the game if you fall, all helping you progress though the worlds to save your kingdom!


But, be careful when collecting mushrooms along the way as some have unexpected effects. Mushrooms can make you bigger, faster, blur your vision and even freeze you completely. Each world contains 10 levels and you’ll need to earn enough Mushroom points to feed your kingdom and move onto the next!


The first 5 levels can currently be demoed on Oculus Share or WEARVR and the VitruviusVR team will be launching a Kickstarter on Nov. 4th to bring the full game to life with all levels, worlds, and multiplayer mini games.


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In addition, the team will even be launching a 1-hour long gaming event within the Multiplayer mode of MushroomBallVR within the month long Kickstarter campaign. MushroomBallVR Kickstarter campaign has launched on Nov 4, check it out on this page.


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Virtuix Omni Treadmill

One unique difference about MushroomBallVR, is that in first-person mode, you will be able to play on the Virtuix Omni Treadmill. The Omni’s bowl shaped product design is a perfect match of MushroomBallVR’s gameplay as your character is running within a ball throughout the levels. This truly adds a state of “presence” in the ball!


The Community

The game was built with the help of VR community. To date, the game was created with over 600 beta testers using DK2’s and without that support the game wouldn’t be where it is today.

Fun for All

We’re creating an overall fun VR game with a level progression that keeps players engaged for hours. MushroomBallVR is a game that is really open to all ages, it’s a game the traditional VR gamer will enjoy, but also a game that family, friends, and even kids can have a lot of fun with.


The Multiplayer component of MushroomBallVR will initially have a lobby system where you can choose multiple gaming modes with your friends. At launch MushroomBallVR will have a racing mode and battle mode that will have a built-in chat system.


Not only can you have a fun single player experience, but you will be able race against your friends through the mushroom worlds and battle against them using magical items and effects. The multiplayer mode aims to bring the same VR chat functions that currently exist on other platforms with fun and interactive games to be played within.


While the original version will be on the Oculus Rift, the team at VitruviusVR will be bringing the game to the GearVR, PlaystationVR, HTC Vive and mobile in the coming months.


MushroomBallVR Demo

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MushroomBallVR on Oculus Share:

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