New Generation of VR/AR Experiences Possible Using Wireless Motion Capture

“New Mobile-ready, Lightweight Sensor Technology Unveiled at VRX 2016, San Francisco, Dec 7-8th”

Virtual reality faces several challenges before it can attain true mass-market adoption; consumers don’t like all those wires tethering them in place while enterprise users need repeatable, drift-free motion for precise object manipulation. Technology startup SolitonReach offers a solution to developers — a new generation of motion sensors that are mobile-ready, accurate, lightweight, wireless and small, about the size of a US quarter, that can be attached to limbs, robots or installations for virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality applications.


“At VRX this week we will be demonstrating how three of our motion sensors, called Solitons, can be attached to your arm to provide precise, drift-free object manipulation,” said SolitonReach CEO Dr. Robert Lee, “The reason everyone is so excited about Solitons is because they allow developers to create a new generation of applications not constrained by wires and accurate enough for full body capture in real-time. The potential of Solitons in sports, simulation, gaming, interactive movies, toys, exhibits, location based and enterprise applications is huge.”


SolitonReach is exhibiting at VRX 2016 in San Francisco this week where the company is in talks with developers and other strategic partners about collaborations and product introductions in 2017. SolitonReach began shipping prototype hardware for PC and mobile to application developers last month.


For more details about SolitonReach and the company’s product line-up, or to register for development kits, please go to: www.solitonreach.com.


SolitonReach, Inc. is a privately-held technology developer of high quality motion sensor technology and a portfolio company of Ikove Venture Partners. Through its “Startup Nursery,” Ikove identifies and validates technologies, providing both capital and commercialization resources to bridge the development gap between R&D funding and VC-funded rounds. Solitons were developed by CTO and Ohio State University Emeritus Professor, Dr. Furrukh Khan, and Lead Engineer, Jessie Zhao.


SolitonReach, Soliton and Awesome Reality are trademarks of SolitonReach, Inc. If you would like more information about SolitonReach or to schedule an interview, please contact Robert Lee at 614-824-5892 or emailinfo@solitonreach.com.


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