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NVIDIA Released PAX 2015 Tilt Brush Art Contest Video Using HTC Vive Headset & SteamVR Controller

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality painting app acquired by Google back in April 2015. We had witness the power and potential of Tilt Brush at the Tilt Brush’s world’s first virtual reality art exhibition in San Francisco back in June. Check out the immersive 360 video we’d captured with equipment sponsored by Vrideo Crew!


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The Tilt Brush is an innovative and revolutionary painting / drawing app that even a three year old can play with because it is extremely intuitive, however, the amazing Tilt Brush experience wouldn’t be so mind-blowing without HTC Vive’s precise room-scale tracking technology ( an accuracy of 1/10th of a degree), 90 frames per second refresh rate, 1080 x 1020 pixels per eye, and coupled with SteamVR’s user-friendly and close to zero-latency controller. Check out HTC Vice in action!


Tilt Brush Bundled With HTC Vive To Hit Consumer Market By The End of 2015

Immediately after we attended the event, we knew – that the Google owned virtual reality painting app, along with HTC Vive’s headset and SteamVR controller – is going to change the way we create, interact and enjoy art forever! By the end of 2015 and Q1 of 2016, when HTC Vive hit the consumer market, people will be amazed how amazing and user-friendly it is to create or co-create, share and experience art with Tilt Brush app in virtual reality! Unlike Photoshop, the TB interface is so intuitive, with a rather smooth learning curve, there is no artistic background required to paint in the virtual environment!


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NVIDIA hosted a Tilt Brush VR art competition at PAX 2015 with HTC Vive & SteamVR and Tilt Brush. NVIDIA invited 6 artists to create a painting or virtual sculpture as they call it. Check out the demo video below!


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NVIDIA Invites You To Vote For Your Favorite VR Painting

NVIDIA is inviting you to vote for your favorite VR creation. The artist with the most votes will win ultimate bragging rights, and voters will be entered to win a new GeForce GTX 980 Ti! Check out this page for the artists’ Tilt Brush art work!




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