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Oculus Releases Experimental VR Cinema Project

Oculus has always given public perception as more game focused. However, at this week’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Oculus announced a new experimental virtual reality cinema project named Oculus Story Studio.


Oculus story studio


Oculus Story Studio is a combination of startup game developers and film producers dedicated to explore immersive media. Story Studio debuted its first 4-minute short film experience, “Lost”, at Sundance. The director of Pixar’s “The Blue Umbrella” directed the production. Story Studio is focused on creating real-time CG VR animation experience rather than cinematography cameras.



“Lost takes the viewer on a journey to a moonlit forest inhabited by an unexpected creature… uses custom gaze controls to tailor the experience to the individual viewer, allowing for a unique pace to the story each time.”


Lost is the early production for Story Studio. We anticipate more upcoming films very shortly. In addition to in-house creative team, the studio is also developing new immersive experiences with guest directors such as Rob Stromberg (Maleficent), Robin Hunicke (Journey), and Jillian Tamaki.


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