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Oculus and Vizor: Driving Forward WebVR

WebVR has come a long way since its inception in 2014: from a few experimental builds and demos, to an entire ecosystem today. One pioneering company in the movement is Oculus, which specializes in virtual reality hardware and software products and is continuing to drive forward the movement of WebVR with Vizor, an innovative virtual reality software company. Together, Oculus and Vizor are lowering the barrier to entry for both VR content creation and consumption by making it possible for anyone to seamlessly create, publish and share immersive content. Equipped with easy-to-use tools such as instant preview, drag-and-drop features, text editor with web font support and more, Vizor allows users to build and publish 360-degree tours, immersive stories, virtual visits and WebVR experiences onto a website or Facebook feed – all with no coding required.
The bottom line is this: If you made an investment in a VR system, then there should be no shortage of experiences to make it worthwhile. In fact, multiple browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have recently joined the VR crusade by implementing WebVR support for virtual reality devices, which is significant, as WebVR’s main draw is allowing everyone to experience VR anytime, anywhere- with only an HMD.

For a better idea of Vizor’s full features, check out Vizor’s project with Oculus here: https://developer.oculus.com/webvr/


About Kaarlo Kananen, CEO and Co-Founder of Vizor
Kaarlo Kananen is the CEO and co-founder of Vizor, a pioneering virtual reality software company. He currently leads Vizor’s strategic vision, builds the culture, provides proper resources and oversees the company’s overall performance. An avid influencer in the gaming industry, Kaarlo has over 16 years of gaming and over three decades of visual effects software development experience including programming, software architecture, team and project management. Additionally, Kaarlo specializes in real-time graphics, engine architecture, performance and memory optimisation.

Prior to Vizor, Kaarlo lead an engineering team for Nuke, a leading visual effects compositing software at The Foundry in London. Prior to Nuke, Kaarlo worked in the gaming industry at powerhouses such as Housemarque, NAMCO BANDAI and Codemasters, working on both development and management on mobile, PC and console games.

Kaarlo’s career was kickstarted in the mid-90s at PC Demoscene, a computer underground subculture, where he created demos and real-time art pieces that gave him an artistic eye for design.

Author: VR Reporter

I am a hi-tech enthusiast, VR evangelist, and a Co-founder & Chief Director at Virtual Reality Reporter!

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