oculus pre e3 press event step into the rift

Oculus Pre-E3 Event ” Step Into the Rift” Recap

The Oculus pre-E3 press event took place at the Dogpatch Studio in downtown Francisco from 10am-noon.




The actual event was hosted on the 1st floor. The second levels had an exhibition area with writings on the wall displaying every important mile stones since the inception of Oculus VR.





Starting from the launch of Kickstarter campaign, release of DK1 and DK2, and ended with a confirmed message about Oculus Rift consumer version shipping in Q1 2016.





Third floor of Dogpatch Studio is a beautiful loft-style lounging area with fully stocked bar with fresh fruits, pastries and coffee for members of the press to enjoy while they mingle and network!


 Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe oculus e3 presentation

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe giving the introduction speech!

Brendan Iribe E3 Press Conference Quotes

“Now, with the Oculus Rift, we are gonna cross that thrash hold, we are gonna finally deliver on the dream of virtual reality. VR enables us to experience anything, anywhere, it’s that powerful!”

” For the first time finally, we are inside of the game!”

Oculus CV1 Integrated Tracking System & Added Devices

The finalized Oculus consumer version ( CV1 ) comes with a set of advanced built-in tracking system that provides precise head tracking with low latency rate.


oculus touch palmer lucky

Oculus founder Palmer Lucky proudly announced Oculus Touch


A set of two joystick-like hand held tracking system with built-in sensors that is also an input device called “Oculus Touch” was introduced today.


oculus touch demo palmer lucky

Mr. Lucky showing us the Oculus Touch after the press conference in kung-fu style!


The Oculus Touch “Half Moon” prototype provides a virtual hand presence that enables users to interact with objects within the virtual environment in a more realistic way, such as picking up a sword with your virtual hands in a VR game!


oculus consumer tracking camera controller

A complete VR system has finally arrived!


The consumer version also comes with a standalone tracking device with built-in camera. The device tracks users’ body movement in real-time as users interact and engage within the virtual environment.


detachable 3d audio

The detachable audio device looks like a small earphone


A new audio device that provides 3D audio tailor-made for immersive experience was introduced. The audio device is detachable if the user prefer to use their own headphone.


microsoft phil spencer xbox one vr controller

Phil Spencer from Xbox showing off Oculus Rift with Xbox One game controller

Microsft Xbox Phil Spencer Announcing Partnership with Oculus

Today on stage, Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox at Microsoft, announced a new partnership with Oculus VR.


Spencer stated that Microsoft’s Window 10 that’s launching on July 29, 2015, will offer native support for Oculus Rift consumer version headset ( CV1 ) that enables direct streaming of Xbox One game to Oculus Rift, and allowing you to play Xbox One games inside a virtual theater while you are wearing the Oculus goggle.


Phil Spencer also announced that every Oculus Rift consumer version will ship with a Xbox One controller, one of the best game controller ever made!


oculus home platofrm

Oculus Announced “Oculus Home”

Oculus Home is the virtual platform inside Oculus Rift, it acts like a virtual central command headquarter inside the user interface. When user puts on the Oculus Rift, this is what they see immediately. This is where all your VR experiences will launch!


Anna Sweet

Anna Sweet announced Oculus $10 million funding to accelerating indie game development

Oculus Announced $10 million Investment for Indie Game Developement

Anna Sweet, head of developer at Oculus said that Oculus will invest $10 million to accelerate independent game development for the Rift. Details has yet to be announced.


palmer lucky showing cv1 comfort

Palmer Lucky explains the extra comfort improvement after the conference

Oculus CV1 With Improved Comfort & Customized Fitting

The consumer version also aim to address one of the big issues for existing VR headsets in general — comfort and customized fitting.


The consumer version has been ergonomically designed to be really lightweight, with two adjustments tab on each side that allows user to adjust for tightness of the fitting, decreasing headset pressure around the eyes. The lens are adjustable to accommodate user’s different eye distances.


oculus rift consumer version glasses

Mr. Lucky wearing CV1 with his regular glasses, this is a huge plus for me!


After the press conference has ended, Palmer Lucky walked down the stage, answering questions and interact with a crowd of reporters. He told us “It’s really lightweight; you can put it on like a baseball cap!”


Lucky also putting on the headset while wearing his glasses, to show that the consumer version has an improved accommodation for users who wears glasses. This is truly a big plus, since as for the DK1 & DK2, I would really have to squeeze my face and glasses against the padding.


Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games

Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games introducing Eve Valkyrie


edge of nowhere ted price

Ted Price from Insomniac Games introducing Edge of Nowhere



Jason Rubin, head of Oculus Studio discussing upcoming game titles for Oculus Rift consumer version


oculus e3 Oculus Rift consumer version

Oculus Rift consumer version headset is a Super Star!


Goodie  bags black oculus tshirt mug

Goody bags for everyone!

Oculus Pre-E3 Press Conference Ended With Surprise Souvenir Set!

Today, Oculus had delivered some great news and updates, we cannot wait to test CV1 and all the games at E3! Oculus ended the press conference with a surprise souvenir set that has one logo Tshirt and a matte black mug, pretty nice!

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