Orgasms of Happiness in VR Sex

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Daphne Klyde and Charlie Red delivered orgasms of happiness in VR Sex. These months have been so difficult that every passing day you feel more in an episode of Black Mirror than in your own reality. We all have felt that way. And we know everyone has his/her own way to deal with these circumstances.

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Some like having more than one cheat meal day. Others staying for days on the sofa on a “watch-something-on-streaming-and-chill” plan. And we like creating adventures in VR Porn where you can escape your daily life for some time.

With every scream of excitement comes an orgasm of happiness. Whether it is after some intense oral sex. Or while fucking in your favorite position. There’s always a different and special way to reach that orgasm of happiness. And that feeling has its own celebration: Holi Festival.

Well, maybe this specific feeling isn’t the core of this Hindu celebration. But beyond that colorful powder there’s the idea of the search for happiness and spreading of joy (does it ring a bell with what we do?).This way, each gets their own way of “me time”. Or, in other words, nowadays and in virtual real sex, their stress relief watching a new video on VirtualRealPorn every week.

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