Osso VR awarded VR Healthcare Award of the Year

On November 18, 2021, the Academy of International Extended Reality hosted the fifth annual VR Awards. The event was held virtually within AltspaceVR and celebrated virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality technology across 12 categories. At this event, Osso VR won VR Healthcare of the year in recognition of its Cinematic VR Surgical Training platform.

OssoVR is a clinically-validated surgical platform for medical device manufacturers and surgeons at all levels.

The company was first platform to incorporate assessment into its modules. This objectively assesses the level of understanding and accuracy of the trainee throughout the process. It provides a benchmark for proficiency.

Justin Barad MD is an orthopedic surgeon who has been trained at Harvard. He leads the Osso VR Team, who is an expert in clinical and medical technology.

Osso VR raises $27M Series A; pioneering Immersive Surgical Training Worldwide

The Osso Platform is an innovative platform that combines high-fidelity experiences and cinematic visuals to produce evidence-based performance improvement

In July 2021, the company announced it has secured $27M Series B funding. GSR Ventures led the venture with participation from Signalfire Ventures Kaiser Permanente Ventures OCA Ventures Scrum Ventures Scrum Ventures, and Anorak Ventures.

Osso VR's surgical technology provides surgeons on-demand educational experiences that can help them improve their skills using new technologies and techniques.

Osso is a revolutionary tool for surgeons to learn new procedures and devices, according to Dr. Sunny Kumar, who is a partner at GSR Ventures. Osso VR's immersive platform allows for a more realistic, accessible and effective surgical training experience than any other.

Osso VR's platform provides exceptional visual fidelity. It ensures that every aspect of surgery is covered, from the anatomical details to the OR environment. The company is home to the largest medical illustration team in the world, as well as alums of Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Apple, and Industrial Light & Magic. This team is able to create cinema-quality educational experiences at scale, inspiring providers all around the world.

The company's proven track record has been to significantly improve surgical performance. The platform has hosted nearly 30,000 training sessions. This amounts to approximately 22,000 minutes per month.

OssoVR is currently used in 20+ countries, and has been widely used by five of the top five global orthopedic medical device makers. These include Johns Hopkins University, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Brown University.

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