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Panasonic Showcased Its Newly Improved VR Glasses at CES 2021

In CES 2020, Panasoic first revealed its newly developed VR glasses and claim it as the world’s first High-Dynamic Range (HDR) capable ultra-high definition (UHD) virtual reality (VR) eyeglasses. This year, once again, Panasonic showcased it’s sleek and slim VR goggles at CES 2021 and with some refreshing new spec and major updates.

The detailed specs are not clear yet. But according to Panasoic, here is what we know so far:

1- The VR glasss adopts optical technologies that are used in LUMIX digital cameras.

2- Acoustic sound technologies from acoustic sound expert Technics audio products. Possibly with a built-in acoustic sound speaker

3- Signal processing technologies cultivated through the development of video equipment such as TVs and Blu-ray Disc players,

4- Achieved natural and smooth images without “Screen door effect”, which is a visual artifact of displays, where the fine lines separating pixels become visible in the displayed image. Using micro-OLED panels co-created by Kopin Corp. It also came with High-Dynamic Range (HDR) capability.

5- Enabled connectivity: 5G mobile devices and PCs

6- For sleek appearing and maximum comfort: Stylish Design: compact and lightweight for extended use and portability. Adjustability: Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) and diopter adjustment options

These new improvements and technologies enabled Panasonic to achieve compact and lightweight VR glasses offering ultra-high-quality images and optimal sound that deliver realistic sensations drawing the user into the images projected before their eyes, while in the comfort of wearing eyeglasses.

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Parasonic VR Glasses Video Demos

This is one of the offical Panasonic 360 demo video for the VR goggles:


And one of the Youtube actually tried on the goggles at CES 2021:


We had always been waiting for lighter and slimmer VR headsets, the new enhancements sounds very pormising to us, however, these Panasonic VR glasses still doesn’t have a code name at this name. And it’s price, availability and official launch date had not been announced either.

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