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Pantomime Corp Receives VR Patent

The Pantomime Corp VR software lets users reach in and interact in virtual reality worlds, turning any mobile device into a gyro-accurate 3D controller. Users can play and share via wifi or web on any pc, mac, or VR headset.


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The device’s screen looks like a pane of glass showing the virtual world through it, seamlessly merged with the live scene on the other side. Users can touch, paddle, tap, bounce, scoop, knock over virtual objects in the VR world by tipping and swinging the device to reach in.



Native sharing enables subscription service business models, users can download the free app and pay for the ability to connect to other users.



The team begin working on this technology back in 2010, and was issued a patent in 2014. Pantomime Corp has Patented 5 degrees of freedom relative motion tracking algorithm run at a frame rate that exceeds any camera with no latency.


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“Pantomime will help change VR from a passive medium like movies to an interactive one like videogame — with no hardware cost. Even more important, Pantomime lets ordinary consumers join in with whichever computers they’ve got, without requiring a headset or other new hardware. That means much more sharing, faster adoption by consumers, and more synergy with the game software industry.


In that sense Pantomime’s market is much bigger than what we’ve been calling Virtual Reality up to now. Beyond 100,000 developers with headsets, we can reach 500 million mobile consumers.” new quote 2

By Pantomime Corp co-founder and CEO David Levitt


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