PIMAX 4K PC-Based VR Headset

The PIMAX 4K VR Headset is a new headset that provides a 4K UHD image at a stunning resolution of 3840x2160P and 8.29 million pixels as the name suggests. Oculus RiftHTC Vive & SONY PSVR are 2160*1200 resolution only. PIMAX VR is a high performance product, with lower pice and best using experience; PIMAX don’t have positional tracking system now, but according to PIMAX VR team, they will release a set of controller with positional tracking system at December. Please check the image below for an time-limited exclusive coupon code:

PIMAX 4K PC VR Headset


PIMAX VR Headset Detail & Specification

Screen: higer resolution than Oculus,HTC VIVE and PS VR. PIMAX used a high performance custom-made screen, response time reach to 2.3ms, and AMOLED screen is2.0ms;


Dizziness: 1000Hz dual gyroscope, there is an improved “anti-vertigo” double gyroscope controlled within 18ms.

Glasses: two 53mm Aspherical Lens, Plus the built-in anti blue laser lens with auto light adjustment and auto demisting systems will protect your eyes.

Myopia self adaptive: its support under 500 degrees myopia naked eye watching and 58-71mm IPD, and has a headspace for those people ware glasses use VR.

Weight: 220g for the bare machine, 449g selling by Gearbest, and a comfortable medical grade sponge. So no head pressure when wearing it.

Music experience: supports Virtual 5.1 Sound Stage for immersive sound experience, and built-in microphone for communicte with others in the game.



Computer configuration requirement:

System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit only)

CPU: Intel i5 equal or better processor performance.

Graphics card: DirectX 3 d10 recommended NVIDIA GTX960 / AMD R9 290 equal performance or above

Memory: 4 GB+RAM

Port: compatible with HDMI 1.4 B video output, 2.0/3.0 USB interface

PIPLAY download address: www.pimax.com.

Price compare:

Oculus CV1$599

HTC Vive$1200

Gear VR: $99 for vr headset, $500 for smartphone

PIMAX VR$349.99


The available setup software:

1 piplay+Pimaxvr, available to play piplay gamesvideos

2 piplay+Steamvr+Pimaxvr, available to play Steam games

3 Oculus drive+Pimaxvr, available for Oculus home games


First step:

Wich PC that i use for PIMAX, link PIMAX to your PC.

System mode Win7-64bit Win8.1-64bit Win10-64bit
Desktop computer Extended/Direct mode Extended/Direct mode Extended/Direct mode
Laptop Extended mode Extended mode Extended mode

Extended mode: Most of the old and small games only support extension mode

Second step:

Check your Graphics card drives,

  • If you used a NVIDIA GTX960 or above, you will need to use 358.00-362.00 model drives to run steam vr direct mode.
  • Other Graphics card including(AMD R9 290 or above) need to update to newest drives.

Third step:

Check your screen resolution,ensure there is extended screen, and change the screen display direction;

Download PIPLAY and setup.

Direct mode: Most of the new and large games support direct mode.

For the 3D video:

Pimax 4K play 3D video needs VR players, here we recommend the MAXVR, and K – lite decoder, these software is necessary, it only supports extension mode.

Extended mode quick buttons:

Shortcuts “Win + Shift + right direction” video switch to PIMAX screen; “Win + Shift + left direction” switch video images to the computer monitor

Press “Alt + Enter” to Enter full screen mode

According to handle “Y” key or “S” keyboard key, adjust the Angle of view to the left and right sides split screen panoramic perspective”



More Details for PIMAX VR Headset

  • Extended mode, green light , no HDMI signal comes to VR, please check the connection, did you link HDMI to your discrete graphics? When shows blue light means the extended mode running successful.
  • Direct mode, red light means the games was complete exit, green light means it is standby.
  • After setup, it was JAVA error, please use Microsoft runtime to repair; check your computer, do you have multiple different JAVA edition, if does, remove others use the highest edition JAVA; check your graphics drivers, update it; shut down your antivirus program; restart your computer.
  • Piplay keep searching, cant recognize, because you didnt set your extended screen, please set the screen resolution at desktop; reset the piplay; restart your computer; update your graphics drivers.

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