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Pixel Ripped 1989 Launched KickStarter Campaign

Some said the big 80’s is the era with the worst music and fashion, I must disagree! At least not for gaming. Gaming scene in the 80’s was vibrant! The 8-bit games, arcade, Atari, Street Fighters, SEGA, mono-color Gameboy, PAC MAN, and Nintendo were the best ever! Pixel Ripped 1989, formerly known as Pixel Rift, will bring the 80’s gaming nostalgia back!


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Pixel Ripped 1989 Salutes Retro Gaming History

Pixel Ripped is a VR game paying homage to the retro gaming history, a revival of a gaming era that many gamers missed dearly! Pixel Ripped 1989 takes you back to the year of 1989. You will be Nicola, a videogame addict like we once were. Nicola will be sitting in a classroom, and your mission is to play “Pixel Ripped” and complete it during class without being caught!


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You will play the games on a hand-held game device dubbed “Gear Girl” that looks very much like Gameboy. You as Nicola, do not want to be caught, or you will be sent straight to Principal’s Office (my personal nightmares, I was there quite often throughout my school years…)


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 Ana Ribeiro Stef Keegan pixel ripped team

We dig the big 80’s outfit! Neon color shirts, purple eye-shadow, groovy disco headbands and everything!

Pixel Ripped Team

Pixel Ripped 1989 is a sweet brainchild of Ana Ribeiro, it started out as a student project that received a lot of buzz and attention, and eventually led to where it is today! The Pixel Ripped team expanded as Stef Keegan joined as content producer. Both lovely girls are life-long game geeks! Both attended National Film and Television School.



The VR game is built for a Gear VR release by the end of 2015. The game will also be available on Oculus Rift, PC. The team is current negotiating with other platforms and VR device manufacturers. Good news for people who does not own a VR headset, a non-VR version will be available for Kickstarter backers, so you don’t need a headset to play Pixel Ripped. But why not play the fully immersive version if you can!


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Pixel Ripped 189 is now launched on Kickstarter at “Pixel Ripped 1989 (previously Pixel Rift!) – A 1989 VR trip!” The funding goal is £40,000 GBP and the campaign ends on August 14, 2015. According to the Pixel Ripped Team, with a good amount of funding, they will try to release Pixel Ripped 1979, an Atari Inspired groove game title! Let’s cross our fingers!


Author: Jason Spock

Jason is the the world's number 1 fan of Mr. Spock from Star Trek! Old school Arcade and video game addict while growing up in the big 80's. Die hard game geek turned tech & trend blogger, setting his heart on the future of Virtual Reality!

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