PlatformaVR Opens the Free Roam Full-body Tracking VR Space Based on SteamVR Tracking 2.0: End of the OptiTrack Era?

Starting August 10th, everyone who visits Moscow, Russia can plunge into a new free roam virtual reality experience created by Moscow-based PlatformaVR.

PlatformaVR is a startup, which is developing exclusive virtual reality entertainment content.

So far, the company has been known as the first free roam out-of-home experience in the world, which uses SteamVR Tracking 2.0 and allows the playing area to be over than 1,000 sqft. Every player is equipped with the following items: – HTC VIVE Pro headset; – Set of VIVE Trackers for full-body tracking; – VR backpack (version with Intel wireless adapter will be available later this year); – Various peripherals including a haptic strap, VR gloves, and a VR gun.

Currently, PlatformaVR is opening a fourth Moscow location in Winzavod Contemporary Art Center. The company has adapted its three most popular titles (The Arrival, MATCH, and the Poisoner) for the 10×10 meter area. The tracking solution is based on SteamVR Tracking 2.0 developed by Valve and utilizes full-body tracking technology.

SteamVR Tracking 2.0 has been announced at CES 2018 and is the most attractive large-scale tracking solution for location-based VR in terms of quality/price ratio.

Its arrival may be a potential killer for alternative technologies like OptiTrack or Vicon, at least in the most lucrative segment (up to 1,500 sqft areas).

The main feature of the PlatformaVR experience isits original AAA game content 100% developed in-house; support for up to four players and realistic graphics coupled with full-body tracking to deliver maximum immersion; three main titles aimed for a wide range of visitors, The Arrival (saga of space voyagers at an abandoned futuristic station).

MATCH (PvP shooter a-la Quake Arena), and the Poisoner (a detective story of two police officers investigating a series of mysterious murders). PlatformaVR plans to secure advantage with the help of frequent releases (a new title every four months) and collaborations with famous western movie franchises.

We are excited to welcome PlatformaVR team in pioneering large-scale out-of-home VR segment with our solution,” said Andrey Kormiltsev, President of HTC Russia/CIS/Baltics/Israel. Our brand-new HTC VIVE Pro headset and VIVE Trackers are a perfect match for location-based VR segment which we expect will be one of the key drivers of the whole VR industry in the near future.

PlatformaVR was launched in December 2017 when the companys first location using SteamVR Tracking 1.0 (small-scale VR rooms) was opened at its offices in Moscow. Since then, more than 5,000 people have visited the experience and five more venues have been added: three locations in Moscow (including one at one of Russias largest IMAX theatres), one in Riga (Latvia), and one in Orlando (USA) in collaboration with MindQuest Escape Games.

By promoting the cheapest solution in the hi-end location-based VR market PlatformaVR is keen to expand across the globe with a short-term goal to establish new locations in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). Apart from that, an exclusive European distributer has been recently signed to bring PlatformaVR content to Western Europe, Mexico, and China.

Total number of new PlatformaVR openings planned for the next 12 months amounts to 30 locations all around the world. In 2018, the company raised a seed round from FunCubator, an international VC specializing in FunTech (AR/VR, Media, Gaming). The raised funds will be used to support international expansion and development of new content.

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CONTACTS PlatformaVR Ilya Kuzyuk, CEO Tel: +7 (916) 693 9704 Email: Anton Ulishchenko, Creative Director Tel: +7 (925) 041 7172 Email:

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