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Production Company Launches Virtual Reality Customer Experience with Lenovo


What if you could tour Amsterdam from thousands of miles away and virtually walk across the world’s first-ever, 3D-printed steel bridge? That was the idea behind Horizon Productions latest immersive event for Lenovo at NXT BLD in London. You even get to see and use your feet in VR to tell this IOT and AI customer story.

MX3D VR Demo:


In 2018, MX3D will be adding a smart sensor network to their revolutionary, first-of-its-kind bridge. These IOT-enabled devices will gather critical information on the bridge’s health, will monitor changes over its lifespan, and – by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence – will be able to inform future generative design improvements.

Horizon allows you to experience this first-hand – with every step you take on the virtual bridge tracking, analyzing and informing an AI ‘digital twin’ where you can see the data being transferred from the smart sensor technology – in a real-time VR environment.

This Engine-based interactive experience offers users everything from a bird’s eye view of the bridge, full-body tracking, the ability to ‘3D print’ and interact with their own metal sculptures inside of VR, and a whole lot more.

Horizon Background and Project Examples:

Horizon Productions has led the way on bringing high-end virtual reality and augmented reality to enterprise businesses, educational institutions and nonprofits. This includes being selected for a very exclusive partnership with Google VR and their JUMP platform which lets Horizon shoot stereoscopic 3D 360° video. Horizon was granted one of the only GoPro Odyssey cameras on the East Coast and recently received the first YI Halo 3D 360° camera in the world outside of Google initiatives.

Led by Jason Cooper, Chief Digital Officer, and Jason McGuigan, Chief Creative Officer, they have evolved Horizon, a 36-year-old, Emmy award winning production company in Durham, NC, into a premier VR/AR studio. Horizon has focused on the non-gaming applications of VR/AR – research, education, training, marketing, filmmaking and event installations. They have developed VR and/or AR experiences for a wide array of clientele and Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Lenovo, SAS, Quintiles Eaton, Scotts, AT&T, CREE/Home Depot, NCFC, Carolina Ballet, UNC and Duke Athletics.

By establishing development partnerships with Oculus, Microsoft, Google VR and Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine, Horizon has been able to stay at the forefront of this emerging technology. The Jasons were recently asked to give a presentation to Google VR’s team in Seattle about using their technology for creative and production in the field. They covered the many applications of VR/AR across various different industries, recent projects, and use cases including:

Additional Projects:

Lenovo Hydrous VR: https://vimeo.com/256139985/

An underwater experience exploring the ocean with coral reefs made from photogrammetry. We even allowed users to take their own photos with a virtual camera and sent them their branded photo galleries in real time via email.

Horizon is currently producing a 3D 360° documentary film – underwater and on land – with this group. We just finished filming in Pulau and at Cal Academy.

The company is also working on an AR experience for conservation education for coral reefs.

IBM Cloud VR: https://vimeo.com/210784446

This project is a good example of a linear, narrative 360° VR experience that was fully 3D generated.

Eaton’s MVD Arc Flash Events VR: (http://horizonvp.com/work/mvd-arc-flash-vr)

Horizon worked with Eaton to provide the ability to train, test, or practice in situations that may be dangerous or hazardous using VR.

Quintiles VR:


Horizon worked to give Quintiles the ability to completely transform education patient education for clinical trials by taking patients inside the body with VR.

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