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Project Elysium: Meet Your Dead Family or Friends Inside Virtual World

Project Elysium is one of the game submission from the Oculus Mobile Jam, created by the Australian game developer duo Steve Koutsouliotas and Nick Stavrou, they are both from game developing studio Paranormal Games.


virtual world reunited with dead family friend

project elysium  vr game virtual


The idea of game derived from the sorrow and grief of both Steve and Nick’s father’s passing, it allows users to reunite and meet their passed family or friend inside the virtual world. Project Elysium supposedly, will enable users to interact with the passed love ones.



However, it is unclear how much interaction will occur? How it will proceed? Or how much information users needs to provide about the passed family or friend? We can easily think of a dozen questions about the game, as it sound a bit superficial… But regardless, we do see it as an interest idea and concept!

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