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Rave brings video viewing on VR and mobile into sync – Social viewing app comes to Google Daydream and Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

Rave is bridging the gap between VR and mobile with the power of shared multimedia experiences. Available on iOS and Android, Rave is launching their social viewing experience on Google Daydream and Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, enabling users to watch videos together while chatting.

“VR is an exciting new frontier for media consumption,” says Rave CEO Dr. Michael Pazaratz. “It’s amazing to watch videos on a 65” virtual screen, but feels too isolating.” The solution, as Rave sees it, is for VR users to watch with their friends on mobile in real time. Rave hopes that VR’s small install base can be offset by ubiquitous iOS and Android devices.

Rave aims to unite the two most popular mobile activities, messaging and video watching, into a single social viewing platform. The app features content from YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Viki, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Built around playback synchronization technology precise enough to sync mobile devices into wireless speakers, Rave powers everything from global movie nights to local music parties.

“Adding social features to VR is key for the growth of the industry,” says Pazaratz “linking mobile with VR opens up so many interesting options to expand the community.”

Rave is available on Google Daydream and Samsung Galaxy Gear VR for free and will be coming soon to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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