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RealityLovers, AmazingContent Enter Exclusive Virtual Reality Porn Deal

RealityLovers has announced an exclusive arrangement with to provide virtual reality sex videos.

“We are thrilled about the capacity and expertise AmazingContent brings to all of our upcoming projects in 2017 and beyond,” said Rene Pour, founder of “We started this journey together in November of 2016, and after having gone through all the good and the bad that comes with pioneering new amazing VR technologies, we have developed an important level of mutual trust.”


Pour said, “We believe strongly in the future of VR adult entertainment and plan to produce many more scenes this year in various niches. It was crucial to our efforts to establish an exclusive partnership with because they give us the necessary stability and quality to scale our operations effectively so that we can remain at the forefront of virtual reality in this sector.”

Amazing Content is co-owned by Stefan “MaDalton” Geisler, based in Brno, Czech Republic. The studio has been in business for more than a decade and has produced original videos for many adult brands. The deal with, however, is a departure for Amazing Content in it that is strictly for VR porn content.

“We agreed to film VR exclusively for after establishing a great working relationship between our two companies over the course of several months,” Geisler said. “Exclusive deals aren’t something we typically enter into, but our long-term vision for VR content aligns beautifully with the Reality Lovers aesthetic, and together, I believe we can continue to help shape the future of adult virtual reality for a very long time to come.”

Distribution of the exclusive VR content will be done primarily through the many in-house brands being developed by Reality Lovers, and there is also an opportunity for other entities to license content on a rev-share or monthly rental basis.

“A lot of companies are interested in the content we create, especially since it has started winning us awards and earning us a loyal audience of VR early adopters,” Pour said. “So we obliged and are offering channels to assist others entering the VR space. If you want the best virtual reality videos for your site, get in touch with Stefan Geisler at — and he will handle the simple licensing process for you.”

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