Refinery29 Fashionable Bound Takes You On Guided Fashion Tour


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 Refinery29 Fashionable Bound Series is Your Stylish Tour Guide

Fashionable news outlet Refinery29 is collaborating with Samsung Milk VR and virtual reality agency Visualise, who specializes in producing VR content for branding, to bring their audience a stylish world tour series called Fashionable Bound!


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Fashionable Bound takes place at some of the world’s coolest and most stylish cities.  Each tour is guided by style icons such as DJ Chelsea Leyland, Urban Bush Babes founders TK, and Cipriana Quann.


DJ Chelsea Leyland

DJ Chelsea Leyland


Your stylish tour guide will show you the busy streets, night life, night clubs, fashion boutiques, and restaurants of their cities.  Refinery29 is all about fashion and street style.  Street style seems to be one of the main theme in the Fashionable Bound tour series, so Refinery's Milk VR app will make sure each episode captures the stylish hipsters and fashionistas of the selected city!


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Fashionable Bound guided virtual tours are in the format of 360 degree virtual videos. Using gyroscopic camera technology and visual effects to enable a fully immersive virtual tourism experience that make the audience feel like as if they were really there!


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Image Source: Visualise


Fashion Bound app is now only available exclusively on Milk VR platform in the United States, and requires a Samsung Gear VR head mounted display for viewing.  Releases for Europe is currently on hold, we will keep you informed with further updates.


Fashionable Bound is going to attract and reach existing and new demographic, as suggested by Phandroid’s article. This stylish app will reach virtual reality and tech-savvy audiences, who are otherwise harder to reach, because they might not usually visit or browse websites or news media on the subject of fashion and style!


street style 360 immersive video


We are a big fan and loyal followers of street style indie blogs such as Face Hunter, Satorialist, Continuous Lean and Advanced Style, so we are very excited to review the Fashionable Bound series!  This could be the future format of guided virtual tourism!


This could change the game for tourism and physical tour books.  And hopefully, travel experts such as the team at Lonely Planet can come out with similar app, because we are backpackers by heart and that’s our thing!  Looking forward to it!





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