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RiftCat Offers VRidge 2.0 HTC Vive Emulator for Android

RiftCat has announced its release of a huge 2.0 update to its VRidge HTC Vive emulator for Android-powered phones.

Based in Poland, RiftCat is a startup developing virtual reality technologies with a main goal of making VR available to everyone by making it more affordable. The company was founded in June of 2015 with $165,000 in funding from IdeaLab Venture Capital.

According to the company, VRidge 2.0 is software that emulates HTC Vive on Cardboard-style headsets.

Scheduled to be released on January 30, VRidge 2.0 brings users a completely rewritten code base and a range of new features, including a completely new user interface; streaming quality adjustment during streaming; improved stability; support for additional integrations; along with Moonlight and multi-language support.

The new code base will be used as a foundation for future features such as more tracking options, additional hand controller support and improved streaming performance optimization.

Author: VR Reporter

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