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The Road: A 360 VR Film About Human Trafficking

Bluehaus Productions is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The Road, a virtual reality film. The film explores human labor trafficking and the exploitation of immigrants. The Road focuses on immigrants who realize will be forced to work against their will by traffickers. The project’s funding goal is $10,000.

Link to Kickstarter campaign:

The Road is a 360 Virtual Reality narrative short film. It’s an immersive glimpse into the lives of human trafficking victims. The film takes place at a moment in transit, where immigrants are coerced into submission by traffickers and they are told they will work against their will.

The Road follows a group of immigrants as they realize they will not be living the life that they came for. This VR experience will put viewers in the center of the tragic situation and allows them to view the story in many ways, from different perspectives. The funds raised will be used to produce this movie and to distribute it on 360 viewers and VR platforms. Bluehaus Productions is a production company started by Danny Ryan. Bluehaus focuses on both VR and narrative film content.

The company is made up of creators who embrace nature of independent filmmaking. Bluehaus seeks to go beyond entertainment and tell stories that impact society.

Contact: Petra Chlpanova, Producer:


Phone: 917-600-6497

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