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Russian VR Company Fibrum Announced VR App Download Data

The number of VR applications’ downloads has achieved 933,943 during the Christmas Time. Fibrum, the Russian company that develops both software and hardware solutions for AR/VR technologies, have announced these data.

The number of VR applications’ downloads has beaten a record for several days. The similar data which is close to a million is normally achieved for a month. A general number of downloads has increased on 506% from the 24th to the 26th of December. For example, Roller Coaster VR has seen a growth of downloads on 1052%, Zombie Warfare VR on 884% and Sky Runners VR on 748%.

In comparison with the previous year the data also rose significantly. There were 588% VR apps’ downloads more in 2017. Such an interest to virtual reality shows that a lot of people have chosen mobile VR headsets as Christmas presents because Fibrum VR apps can be bundled with any kind of mobile VR headset or a cardboard. The data was achieved organically without any sales promotions. So the outcome is that VR technologies are becoming widespread and available to a mass-user.

Information about the company
Fibrum Company is a Russian startup that develops software and hardware in the sphere of mobile VR. The company was founded in 2014. Since that Fibrum has created the mobile VR headset Fibrum Pro, 28 mobile VR applications, a united VR platform and the first in Russia shooter in virtual reality “The Raid”. Fibrum is also producing AR greeting cards and coloring books. There are about 30 successful business-projects in collaboration with organizations such as Moscow Government, Ministry of Culture and Yandex Taxi. By this moment more than 25 000 VR headsets have been sold in Russia and abroad while Fibrum apps have been downloaded more than 14 000 000 times. The mission of the company is to make people’s lives better by granting them with new emotions.

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