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RYOT Nepal Quake Project Youtube 360 Video

Los Angeles based company, RYOT, released a 360 video documenting the post effect of the catastrophic 7.8 degree magnitude earthquake.


ryot nepal relief project

The people in Nepal are still facing shortage of clean water supply…


Narrated by Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon, Nepal Quake Project is a heartbreaking immersive 360 journey into the remains of Bhaktapur & Sindhupalchowk area. The devastating 7.5 degree Nepal earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015, had killed more than 8,600 people.



Nepal Quake Project Youtube 360 Video From RYOT

To view the 360 video properly and to interact with the immersive view, please click the video’s embedded link and navigate to Youtube’s official platform.



According to RYOT co-founder David Darg, the post-earthquake crisis has serious potential to get worse. Nepal’s annual monsoon ( rain ) season coming in June or July, and it is going to start pouring rain that could last for weeks… Nepal is facing a potentially crisis of severe outbreak of disease, illness and infection.


nepal earthquake ryot 360 video


These people needs help, anyone who could lend a gentle helping hands to those in need to make the world a better place! Nepal has given me one of my most memorable trip when I climbed the Himalayas. It’s really sad to see what happened to these people and their homes…

Nepal Earthquake: How You Can Help 2D Video



You can help by donating to the following websites. Virtual Reality Reporter chose to donate to http://ryot.org/nepalearthquake/ . let’s pray for them and wish them the best and the soonest to get back on their feet. God Bless!

Nepal Earthquake Relief Reference

ryot nepal quake project

I can help, anyone can help, we can all help!


Below are Non-Profit Organizations that anyone who wishes to help can refer to:




Content Source: RYOT & Reuters

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