SALTO Motion Capture Suit Launched Kickstarter Campaign W/ REPTILICUS VR


REPTILICUS VR- Full Body VR Gaming Using SALTO Wireless Suit

We love cheesy B-Movies! Especially cult-classic with monster and mutant dinosaurs!  A team of Danish game developers has brought Danish / American B-Movie – Reptilicus back to live! Since its release back in 1963, Reptilicus has secured a spot on pretty much every available list of the worst movies ( in a good way! ) ever made.


Reptilicus movie poster



A Godzilla-like monster is loose in Copenhagen and, for reasons yet to be understood, fights its way to the central square of Copenhagen before it gets struck down in some of the most awkward action sequences in the history of filmmaking. Obviously, this film has become a cult B-film classic with a huge fan base. Inspired by the B-Movie classic, Reptilicus VR is born!


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Reptilicus VR is formed by two Danish companies Rokoko (a motion capture company), and Triband (an indie game company), have secured the rights to reinterpret Reptilicus using virtual reality to make Reptilicus VR come to life and create the ultimate interactive VR gaming experience!