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Rink VR Hand Motion Controller For Mobile VR Immersion By C-Lab Debuted @ CES 2016

Samsung released a promo video of Rink right before CES 2016, a hand-motion and gesture controller for Samsung Gear VR developed by Samsung C-Lab team. The long overdue hand motion controller for Gear VR is aiming to tackle the issue of lacking interaction and engagement within Gear VR’s virtual game environment using the touchpad.

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Rink VR Using Magnetic Field & Infrared Tracking

Now, with Rink VR, users is able to interact and engage with VR objects using their hands. One of the coolest feature of Rink VR is that users can type and input information using the virtual keyboard. Rink motion controller that’s equipped with a tracking sensor to be mounted on top of Gear VR, is using both magnetic field and infrared tracking method that tracks precise hand motion and finger gesture.




As PC-based VR headsets HTC Vive launching with Valve SteamVR controller in April, and Oculus VR’s Oculus Touch set to be available to consumer later in 2016, Samsung’s Rink VR offers another option for VR gamers, as it targets different segmentation which is the mobile VR market.

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Gear VR went on sale for $99 USD in December in North America, and last week in countries in Asia such as Taiwan, and other parts of the world, Rink VR seems to come at the perfect timing to provide true mobile VR immersion! However, no details of launching date have been announced by Samsung at this time.


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