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Scienverse Launched Kickstarter Campaign October 9th, 2015

Scienverse aims to be the ultimate social and virtual reality metaverse platform that unites and allows people to socialize in a virtual reality environment. It also gives the chance of experiencing a wide variety of Virtual Reality applications provided by independent developers or companies.


By helping the content creators, Scienverse brings the Virtual Reality experiences closer to the normal everyday user. Scienverse is like no other platform. It creates the perfect bridge between users and developers in the Virtual Reality ecosystem.


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Scienverse is a software company that works in the area of Virtual Reality market. It is was found on March 2015 by a small team of Virtual Reality enthusiasts. Now the company has increased in staff and therefore much more creative ideas are born inside the team.


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About Scienverse & Social Metaverse Project

What is it?
Scienverse is a revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) multi-user cross-compatible platform designed for wide range of VR experiences like games, entertainment, education, and anything that VR can offer. It works as a virtual city that brings together VR applications and expands with the number of VR experiences inside.


What can people use it for?
Everyone is able to reach the VR apps by entering different portal rooms in each of the buildings. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet, talk and have fun together with friends like never before.


Is there something like this existing already?
Scienverse seems to be the only virtual world which allows developers to publish their own VR applications to a unique open-source platform. It, unlike any other virtual world, allows deployment of 3rd party applications and services.


Who can use it?
Scienverse team is committed to make the variety of VR experiences accessible to everybody. So far the VR was focused on games, which is only one side of the coin. However, Scienverse wants to provide the full picture by merging technology and software in a platform compatible with all major Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS and VR devices like Oculus Rift, OSVR, HTC Vive, FOVE and much more. Therefore, we believe Scienverse by broad compatibility it will greatly increase the development of the emerging Virtual Reality market.


Scienverse is totally independent of any bigger software or hardware firm, which allows us to be more flexible with our ideas. We believe that being responsible towards our followers is the most important quality which makes our company successful. Our goal for the next 4-5 years is to make the Virtual Reality an everyday experience for the people all over the world.




Scienverse officially announced its project of creating a Virtual Reality World that provides variety of VR Applications and next generation Social Network in one place. The platform will be compatible with all major VR headsets, as well as all major operation systems which will help the emerging VR market to expand much faster.


The platform is open source and combines all VR applications in one place by providing the independent developers with the chance to integrate their own apps into the platform. Therefore, the users will be able to enjoy variety of VR experiences.




Furthermore, the users will not be required to download any of the applications beforehand because of the provided cloud service. Users will also benefit from the possibility of meeting, talking, and sharing with their friends in a 3D virtual environment – just like in the real world, but even better!


“Scienverse is the perfect bridge between users and developers in the Virtual Reality ecosystem, because of the features it provides for both parties.” said Boris Samardzhiev, CEO of Scienverse. “Furthermore, voice chatting inside the platform, instead of typing words on a keyboard, makes the social interaction much more intuitive and natural, which leads to the next generation of digital Social Networking.”


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Scienverse Kickstarter Campaign Launched On October 9, 2015

Scienverse starts its Kickstarter campaign on 17th of September 2015 and many exciting rewards had been announced, you can back Scienverse’s Kickstarter project on this page.


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A Virtual Flying Island Anyone???

The most attractive reward from Scienverse Kickstarter Campaign is finally revealed! For $7,878 USD, you will get your own virtual flying island!


-Develop your ultimate virtual experiences (up to 14 apps) on a separate land that you can design completely in your own style and make it awesome!
-Extremely Rare and limited (only 6 in existence)
-You will work closely with our team in order to achieve the best.


The platform is going to be compatible with all major VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Project Morpheus, Samsung Gear VR, FOVE, ZEISS VR One, OSVR, and Google Cardboard. As well as all the major operating systems – Windows, Linux, iOS, Android. Therefore, all the VR enthusiasts will be able to equally benefit from the Scienverse platform.


Providing such wide compatibility between VR hardware and VR software, is a major reason to expect an increase in the Virtual Reality market because of the Scienverse platform. It is known that the compatibility is a major issue in most of the tech industries, however Scienverse aims to solve this problem at least in the Virtual Reality market. Scienverse is going to bring the Virtual Reality experiences closer to the normal everyday user.


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