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Scope AR Launches First Mixed Reality Smart Instruction Creation Platform for Microsoft HoloLens

“Scope AR empowers HoloLens users to easily create mixed reality smart instructions for limitless applications and use cases around training, repair, support and more”

Today at Microsoft Build 2017, Scope AR, the creator of mixed reality (MR) smart instructions and live support video calling solutions, announced that its MR content authoring platform, WorkLink, now supports Microsoft HoloLens. Using the smart instruction creation platform available on HoloLens, users can now quickly and easily produce highly interactive MR instruction and training content for deployment on HoloLens, the world’s first, fully self-contained holographic computer. The integration provides WorkLink users with a completely hands-free MR experience, an essential step for remote workers trying to repair a piece of equipment or factory floor workers assembling complex machinery.

“Through its built-in depth camera and sophisticated tracking technology, HoloLens is one of the best wearable devices for hands-free use of the MR applications so many organizations are seeking,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR. “With WorkLink now supporting the device, enterprises finally have a simple and easy way to digitize visual instructions at scale — empowering all workers to become their own expert — and begin to realize the full potential of MR.”

With WorkLink, even non-technical HoloLens users will now be able to create their own MR-based step-by-step instructional content with nearly the same ease as creating a PowerPoint presentation. This enables organizations to quickly leverage and adapt MR across several facets of their business including training, repair, manufacturing and IT without having to create an application from scratch, which ultimately leads to improved employee efficiency, reduced downtime, increased safety records, decreased travel costs and better maintenance.

Worklink supports untethered, markerless MR content and digital animations within a complete platform for data generation, feedback and analytics for complete compliance assurance. The platform is also the first fully agnostic authoring solution on the market to feature cross-platform publishing on Android, iOS and Windows simultaneously, allowing organizations to use their device of choice.

With this announcement, all current WorkLink subscribers now have access to the new HoloLens support, and all existing WorkLink instructions projects can be easily updated to take advantage of the device.

“Enterprise-class instructional content is one of the most impactful use cases across MR today. By providing a platform for anyone to customize their content easily for MR integration, Scope AR is making it easy for users to take advantage of the benefits of mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens,” said Brandon Bray from Microsoft.

Scope AR will be demonstrating WorkLink on HoloLens at Microsoft Build 2017 through May 12, 2017 at booth #204. The company will be showcasing an installation procedure on a consumer drone, as well as showing off their HoloLens enabled “area scan” capability with area-aware content created on-site specifically for Build. Those not in attendance at the conference can see a video of WorkLink being deployed on a HoloLens here:

About Scope AR

Augmented reality (AR) company Scope AR is the creator of the first-ever true AR smart instructions and live support video calling solutions – WorkLink and Remote AR. The company provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools to allow users to become their own experts, learning to assemble, repair or troubleshoot problems wherever they are. Whether training, performing complex fieldwork or remote tasks, or any number of assisted activities across vertical industries including industrial equipment manufacturing, aerospace, construction, utilities, oil and gas, automotive, consumer applications and more, Scope AR provides robust solutions for in-field support and performance tracking. The company’s partners and users include Epson, Boeing, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and Sealed Air, among others. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco with offices in Edmonton, Canada.

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