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Scope AR Launches WorkLink, an Industry-first Augmented Reality Smart Instruction Creation Platform

Augmented reality company also reveals significant updates to its live support video calling platform Remote AR

Today at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2016, Scope AR announced the launch of WorkLink, the first smart instruction creation tool that enables non-technical staff to produce highly interactive augmented reality (AR) instruction and training materials within a complete platform for data generation, feedback and analytics. WorkLink’s “smart” step-by-step instructions or training content can then be projected directly onto the task at hand, empowering end users to become their own expert without the requirement of extensive training.

“Whether enterprises have a distributed workforce of field technicians needing assistance to repair equipment, or they have to support thousands of workers on proper operating or assembly procedures at scale, WorkLink enables them to always have an expert present with compliance assurance measures and tracked analytics along the way,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR. “Delivering intuitive, AR step-by-step instruction through WorkLink, organizations can increase employee comprehension, improve productivity and safety, and reduce downtime at a level never before possible.”

Scope AR is empowering organizations across manufacturing, energy, automotive and other industries to leverage AR to not only digitize visual instructions, but to actually highlight components and create animated graphics to show actions and instructions in process – overlaid on top of reality so the viewer has the most precise demonstrations possible as if the chief engineer was right there helping them along. As a result, organizations will experience decreased error rates and produce workers that are faster and more accurate in completing tasks.


Introducing WorkLink

WorkLink can be used with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets along with select AR eyewear. The key features of WorkLink include:

Quick and Easy Content Creation: Using converted CAD data, instruction templates and simple tools to create complex animations, authors can publish new content quickly, with little to no training.

Built-in Analytics to Help Assure Quality, Compliance and Worker Performance: The platform captures metadata (such as how long it takes to perform a single step and the procedure overall), videos, images, annotations, checklist verifications and measurements so organizations can ensure accountability that a job or task was done correctly at all times.

Secure, Real-Time Publishing: Finished modules can be published in real-time, giving employees access to the most current essential work instructions, while also ensuring version control is managed at all times.

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Scope AR is also revealing the next-generation of its AR-based remote assistance application, Remote AR. Already in use by leading enterprises such as Honeywell, Assa Abloy and Sealed Air, the latest version of Remote AR now features:

Depth camera support to eliminate the requirement for markers

In-app audio for support calls, which eliminates the need to have a separate phone connection in order for the technician and expert to have voice contact

● A low-bandwidth mode so workers can function and receive support even in the most challenging of network conditions

● A Windows Desktop Expert to enable Windows users to provide support to mobile users

Remote AR

Both WorkLink and the next-generation of Remote AR are available immediately. Further information is available at:

About Scope AR

Augmented reality (AR) company Scope AR is the creator of the first-ever true AR smart instructions and live support video calling solutions – WorkLink and Remote AR. The company provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools to allow users to become their own experts, learning to assemble, repair or troubleshoot problems wherever they are.

Whether training, performing complex fieldwork or remote tasks, or any number of assisted activities across vertical industries including industrial equipment manufacturing, aerospace, construction, utilities, oil and gas, automotive, consumer applications and more, Scope AR provides robust solutions for in-field support and performance tracking. The company’s partners and users include Epson, Boeing, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and Sealed Air, among others. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco with offices in Edmonton, Canada.

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