Secret Location Teams with Inflight VR and SkyLights to Bring Premium Content to Travelers

Secret Location, Toronto-based award-winning content creator and distributor for premium immersive experiences, is announcing its collaboration with Inflight VR and SkyLights to bring highly engaging immersive entertainment to travelers around the world.

To start, Secret Location will bring The Great C., a cinematic journey about fate and sacrifice to Inflight VR and SkyLights’ entertainment offerings.

With a near 20 minute runtime, The Great C is currently the only long form cinematic experience available through Inflight VR and SkyLights solutions for travelers to enjoy. Please see additional details about these collaborations below.

Inflight VR

Secret Location’s collaboration with Inflight VR will bring the studio’s cinematic journey, The Great C, to Inflight’s virtual reality entertainment system beginning this week throughout multiple Paris Star Alliance lounges at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Fiumicino Airport in Rome, with a larger rollout expected to additional locations and Inflight’s in-flight VR system later this year.

Inflight VR is a virtual reality travel entertainment solutions provider focusing on improving the passenger experience by offering high-quality, affordable and safe VR travel entertainment. Inflight VR is considered the pioneer of VR travel entertainment solutions.


The collaboration with SkyLights will bring Secret Location’s The Great C to Business and First Class passengers in additional lounges for Air France. The initial rollout will include five different Air France lounges also at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, with an expected rollout to additional locations later this year.

SkyLights is an immersive entertainment specialist leveraging cinematic VR as premium passenger entertainment. Its cinematic VR headsets offer travelers the unique opportunity to enjoy the latest 2D, 3D and 360 degree immersive experiences on individual headsets. It offers full HD resolution and has been live inflight since 2016 on over 7,000 flights.

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