This year, we are thrilled and honored to welcome two outstanding industry innovators, who are now pushing the boundaries of technology at Google and Facebook!

Paul Debevec – Senior Staff Engineer at Google VR

Achieving Photoreal Virtual Humans in Movies, Games, and Virtual Reality. Paul Debevec, now a part of the recently established Google VR division, is also the Associate Director of Graphics Research at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. He is best known for his work in finding, capturing and synthesizing the BSDF utilizing the light stages his research team constructed to find and capture the reflectance field over the human face, high dynamic range imaging and image-based modeling and rendering.

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Brian Cabral – Director of Engineering at Facebook

VR Capture: Designing and Building an Open Source 3D-360 Video Camera
Brian Cabral is Director of engineering at Facebook specializing in computational photography, computer vision, and computer graphics. He is the holder of numerous patents (filed and issued) and lead the Surround 360 VR camera team. He has published a number of diverse papers in the area of computer graphics and imaging including the pioneering Line Integral Convolution algorithm.

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Featured Session Panel 1: He’s Back! T2 25 years later. Panelists: Scott Ross, former General Manager of ILM; Steve “Spaz” Williams, Computer Animation Supervisor for T2 & Mark Dippe, Assistant Visual Effects Supervisor for T2.

In 1991, 25 years ago, movie history was made with Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2). The use of computer generated images in cinema had finally come of age. James Cameron and ILM utilized state of the art technology to help create some of the most memorable and iconic scenes and characters in the film. For those that have seen the movie, it’s hard to forget the liquid metal T1000.


While T2 was never theatrically released in China, the movie has now, been remastered for a stereoscopic viewing experience specifically for the China market.


Scott Ross, the former General Manager of ILM, will host an in depth discussion with Mark Dippe and Steve “Spaz” Williams, the team that created the breakthrough images. Attendees will be given a behind the scenes look at the challenges they faced, the technology they used, the process that was developed and the moment when they realized they had forever changed the landscape of feature films.

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Featured Session Panel 2: The Future of Imaging
Panelists: Radu B. Rusu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fyusion, Inc T2; Kurt Akeley, CTO, Lytro Inc & Shen Shaojie, Chief Roboticist, DJI

Computational Photography and Artificial Intelligence are not just massively redefining human visual experiences, the way people create contents, but also equipping robots everywhere with vision and cognitive intelligence. We are honored to have visionary executive scientists from revolutionary firms: Lytro, Fyuse and DJI, who have been successfully building critical step-stones for the global society, and keep leading the revolutions for tomorrow. In this panel they will share their past and current adventures as well as their visions for the future of imaging.

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