Soma Fashion Network Debuts First VR Fashion Experience ‘Underwater Mermaid’ on HTC Vive

Soma Fashion Network has released its first VR Fashion Experience “Underwater Mermaid” on HTC Vive.

Underwater Mermaid Is a Underwater Mermaid that takes users deep into mystical waters. Users are drawn into an enchanted, liquid world populated by beautiful models, dancers, synchronized swimmers and mermaids with nine-foot tails.

“We created a fantasyland that completely envelops the user,” explains Soma Creative Director and co-founder Karen Morgan.


“We wanted to transport users into a Modern Day Monet like painting where no matter where they look or how many times they experience the piece, there is always something new and magical happening.”




Karen Morgan

Founder & Creative Director
Soma Fashion Network

Cell:(415) 596-3036
Email: karen@soma365.com

Author: VR Reporter

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