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Somebody said: Masturbation Week?

By Virtual Real Porn

Somebody said: Masturbation Week? May is here. This year, celebrating the May the 4th Be with You has been different too. It’s a hard situation for everybody, and still you find the way to tell yourself everyday “everything will be ok”. Whether it’s meditating, repeating a mantra, listening to a podcast, talking to your friends on Zoom or reading an auto-help e-book, you find the way to love yourself. Ours? Promoting the masturbation in VR Porn.

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Talking about it or dedicating a whole week to the topic is still a taboo. If talking freely about it is embarrassing for men, for the female sex is even worse. And it is a healthy, satisfactory and empowerful practice that should be promoted inside and outside porn.

Throughout the lockdown we’ve had to be physically away from our partners, sex buddies or occasional booty calls, but that doesn’t mean our libido is going down; in fact, it’s higher than ever!

For these reasons, we believe one of the best ways to show oneself love is through masturbation. There’s nothing like making your brain work, picturing someone (insert here your crush’ face) is touching you, licking every inch of your body, playing with your erogenous spots, feeling you getting excited until you fuck like if you were in your own virtual reality sex adventure.

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