PlayStation China Press Conference July 29

2015 Playstation Press Conference Invitation

PlayStation China Press Conference @ Intercontinental Shanghai Expo On July 29

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has confirmed that a special press conference by the English translated name “Playstation China Press Conference – All For The Gamer” will be held before China Joy Expo ( China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference in Shanghai, China on July 29, 2015.


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Update: The Pre-China Joy Expo Playstation China Press Conference – All For The Gamers was held today at Shanghai, here is the report!


 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference

China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is conference for gamers and developers in China. Perhaps, Sony Computer Entertainment and Playstation deliberately scheduled the press conference one day prior to the main event!


The news was first disclosed by Japanese animator Hiroyuki Oda in an interview. According to Hiroyuki, Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will at the press conference, along with several well know game developers, Takehito Soeda, Hiroyuki Oda and Andrew House.


Will Sony Project Morpheus Headset Be Making Its Official Debut In China?

A discussion panel will be held to talk about the future of Sony Computer Entertainment, PS Vita and Playstation4 in China. Rumor has it that Sony Project Morpheus headset will make its official debut at the Playstation China Press Conference.


sony project morpheus

sony project morpheus summer lesson vr game headset

Summer Lesson 夏のレッスン is a VR game about cute Japanese girls!


Some mysterious game title targeting the enormous Chinese market will also be announced. Gamers speculate that, for VR games that will be bundle with Sony Project Morpheus such as “Summer Lesson 夏のレッスン” by Katsuhiro Harada would probably include Chinese characters and scenes.


Sony Playstation will also announce a special edition Playstation4 by the name ” 一切為了玩家 All For The Gamers China Launch Edition” in the press conference.




According to Hiroyuki Oda, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia also has plan to support and cultivate Chinese game developers and programmers, various game related programs, technical & funding, and resources will be made available to local game developing communities.


Chinese government had lifted the 15-years long game console ban, game console manufacturers would be able to sell consoles in the country, as long as the game consoles were built in Shanghai’s free trade zone.


According to Game Spot and Niko Partners, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation4 combined game console sales will be lower than 550,000 units in 2015. Much fewer than expected. With the world’s second highly GDP, and an estimated population of 1.35+ billion middle class, China is considered by many, the world’s largest market for consumer goods and electronic products.


In 2015, China’s iPhone unit sales have beaten US’s unit sale for the first time. This metric clearly showed that, Chinese customers has the purchasing power, the trick here might be that, find a way to produce something, a product or service that grabs their attention and tailor-made to cater their preferences.


China is catching up with current VR technology at a fast pace! With various VR headsets launched by the likes of AntVR and 3D Glasses, VR experience simulator from Longze, and U.S. company Landmark Entertainment teaming up with Chinese Investors to built a full-scale virtual reality theme park in Mainland China. It probably won’t be long before Oculus VR, Microsoft Hologram, VR Gaming Entertainment Center The VOID, and other VR startups attempting and trying to enter Chinese market.


sony project morpheus vr headset


Playstation, Sony Project Morpheus and Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has not made official announcement regarding the Project Morpheus China launch, but it is probably about time. Just two more days, we’d find out!


PlayStation China press conference Event Details

Location: Intercontinental Shanghai Expo

Address:1188 Xueye Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Date: July 29, 2015

Registration Time: 14:30-15:00

Conference Time: 15:00-16:00



Content Source: Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, Game Spot


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