Specular Theory, Inc. releases its debut app on Gear VR, allowing viewers to access a stream of premium cinematic mobile VR content created by Specular Theory and its featured partners. The app includes a wide range of VR experiences, including new original content like “The Illusionist,” a two-part episode that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of a fashion shoot with celebrity photographer Justin Frost.


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Specular Theory is an award-winning VR company based in Venice Beach, CA, producing VR experiences that push the boundaries of VR storytelling. Founded in 2013, Specular Theory fostered an unparalleled track record for crafting narratives using custom technology and innovative creativity to drive immersive media.


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The app will initially appear on Gear VR and will continue to roll out on additional platforms. Click HERE to download the app in the Oculus Store.

This will be the first time the company has released their content in one place. The app will include Specular Theory original projects, music videos and brand engagements, as well as fun experiments. In addition to the behind-the-scenes fashion content, there is innovative and fun content including time-lapse experiments, a 360 hot air balloon ride with The Fat Jew and a new project with high-tech designerAnouck Wipprecht coming soon.

The easy to use streamlined navigation and interface will allow viewers to efficiently choose experiences. Each film has movement and motion sickness labels, so viewers can make choices based on their particular comfort level. 3D content is identified with actual 3D icons, allowing viewers to gage the format of the videos at a glance.

Specular Theory created the app to interact with their audience, provide a platform to experiment, and create content that delivers cinematic experiences. This will allow Specular Theory to be able to engage more directly with their viewers and craft content custom-tailored to their tastes as well as open their eyes to new adaptations of the immersive technology. The app offers a unique view of where the company believes virtual reality should, and will, go. “Our goal is to expand viewers’ VR palate with great experiences to help push the medium as a whole and take immersive storytelling to the next level,” notes Specular Theory CMO/Co-Founder Ryan Pulliam.

As leaders in VR storytelling, Specular Theory uses custom-built technology to create each story in the best way possible, from the cameras in production all the way to the player themselves.

“We want to have total freedom to create and innovate in this medium and not be limited by third-party hardware and software, including having control over the quality of the playback, which is important to us. We are fortunate to be able to do this; it’s part of what gives us our leading edge,” adds Specular Theory CEO/Co-Founder Morris May.

The app will be rolling out more exciting features over the next few months to help drive adoption and optimize the experience for viewers. This forthcoming content will include experiences with interactive features and hot spots. “We now have the ability to release unique features that allow us to do the things we need to do in cinematic worlds such as branching narratives and subtle interactive components that don’t exist yet,” adds May. “This will engage us to take our creative abilities to tell stories to the next level.”


Specular Theory was founded in 2013 to break new ground in the realm of virtual reality content. Constantly at the forefront of this rapidly changing field, the studio’s developers customize immersive technologies to uniquely amplify the storytelling for each individual project. Collaborating with clients from Fortune 500 companies to major film studios to indie filmmakers, Specular Theory has built an unparalleled track record for crafting startlingly effective new narratives using VR technology.


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