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Springboard VR Launching VR Arcade Platform

Springboard VR fastest growing arcade platform. 64 arcades worldwide now signed up on Springboard’s custom game launcher. LA, California Springboard VR, an arcade management platform for VR Arcades launched a month ago and with 64 arcades signed up is already the largest VR arcade platform outside of China.

Springboard VR lets customers review and select games in a beautiful VR environment, learn basic gameplay with a custom tutorial, call for help, schedule a session ahead of time and more. For arcade owners, Springboard reduces employee load, allowing them to run an entire arcade from a single device, track time, get real-time customer notifications and see in-depth analytics on their arcade. Virtual Arcades, or Location Based Virtual Reality Experiences (LBVREs), are popping up all over the world… and they face many difficulties. Arcade owners are forced to track time manually for each station, train customers on how to use all the controls and load and switch games by coming back to the station time after time.

Many arcade owners are using piecemeal solutions that aren’t designed for the needs of a VR arcade. They are also expensive and often break. It isn’t just a bad customer experience, it‘s bad for business. Arcades have had to heavily staff their locations and their customers frequently complain about how difficult the whole process is. Springboard VR was designed to address these problems, save arcade owners time and money, and make the customer experience seamless and incredible. Initial setup is simple and unlike other solutions, an arcade can be up and running in under ten minutes. Springboard VR is currently offering a free 30-day trial and free setup for any arcades interested in trying their software.

Brad Scoggin, CEO/Owner, “the growth has been pretty amazing… we’ve signed up 30 new arcades in the last 4 weeks!” Jordan Williams, COO/Owner, “Usually within the first week, new arcades realize the need for a software solution like Springboard. The Customer experience is crucial to a successful arcade, Springboard gives that to the arcades without having to have a lot of staff members on the clock babysitting each customer.”

About Springboard VR

Springboard VR is a dedicated platform for VR Arcades that transforms the customer experience and let’s owners run their entire arcade from a single device.

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