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SprintR VR Controller on Sale Now

SprintR LLC, A Maryland-based VR hardware company backed by the Maryland Seed Fund, today released their Virtual Reality (VR) locomotion controller SprintR.

SprintR’s patented controller is a wired/wireless footpad that lets you walk, run, and jump in VR hands free. Used in combination with Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers, SprintR becomes a full body control solution for VR that doesn’t require the user to run in place and sweat through a VR head-set. In addition to desktop VR, SprintR also works with mobile phones wirelessly, enabling users to move freely in mobile VR projects as well.

“SprintR solves the VR locomotion problem that everyone’s dreaded these last 5 years; It’s that simple. You put SprintR down in-front of you, and you’re walking in VR and your hands are completely free. No more using a thumb-stick to drag yourself around, or teleporting frantically while trying to play a game. SprintR puts VR movement where it belongs, at your feet.” says Peter Kojesta, founder of SprintR.

SprintR is available for purchase from https://www.SprintRVR.com/Order/ for $149. See the project website, http://www.SprintRVR.com for images and video of SprintR in action, and sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Peter Kojesta
SprintR, LLC
P: 410-929-5054
http://www. SprintRVR.com

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