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Staramba Positions Itself for the Future of Virtual Reality

The Berlin-based start-up Staramba is convinced that virtual reality will change the world. It is heavily investing in the development of the first social VR network with photorealistic avatars and wants to play a leading role in shaping the market.

“VR has the potential to revolutionize all areas of life”, assures Christian Daudert, founder and CEO of Staramba. VR is predestined for all kind of applications, and above all poised to revolutionize social media communication.

The multiple founder and entrepreneur Daudert started Staramba in 2014 with the idea of producing and marketing 3D scans of stars from the sports, music and entertainment sectors. Recognizing the potential of 3D scans for VR applications, he decided to fully align the company with VR, using

  1. STARAMBA.spaces, the world’s first social VR network with photorealistic avatars that is currently under development. Fans will be able to interact with their favorite stars in the virtual world and experience a wide variety of activities together with their idols. For example, they can talk to them at social media events, do Football training or learn how to play the drums. Lifelike avatars of superstars, which do not exist on any other platform, make STARAMBA.spaces a unique VR experience. With the integration of social media channels, stars can provide their fans with diversified and in-depth information.
  2. the further expansion of the world’s most comprehensive database with photorealistic 3D models of international top stars, currently contains more than 7,000 data sets of stars. These include footballers from top teams such as the FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, NFL and WWE superstars and other top athletes such as Usain Bolt. Stars from music and entertainment are also represented, such as Elvis Presley and KISS. Staramba sells the 3D model data to software manufacturers, but also uses it for its own VR applications.
  3. the continuous development of the high-quality scanner 3D-INSTAGRAPH. With its 172 integrated cameras, Staramba makes precise full-body scans of the stars. In addition, Staramba also markets the 3D-INSTAGRAPH to certified partners who scan consumers and generate photorealistic 3D avatars for a wide variety of applications.

Photorealistic 3D avatars will bring a longlasting change to the economy: they are clearly superior to today’s comic strip avatars. Photorealistic full-body scans can be used in the near future, in e-commerce applications, for fitting or ordering exact clothing sizes; consumers can track muscle development from fitness training. “There are virtually no limits”, emphasizes Daudert. “The market volume is immeasurable”.

Artificial intelligence is being used in many areas and is playing an increasingly important role in the development of STARAMBA.spaces.

The VR market is still in its infancy, but is taking concrete shape: On one hand, operating system providers such as Apple and Microsoft are integrating AR (Augmented Reality) and VR features into their systems; on the other hand, VR glasses are becoming more powerful, lighter and cheaper. Daudert predicts that “the world will become 3D”.

Staramba is excellently positioned for the future of VR: “We are poised to be at the forefront of the global VR market, especially as we have the backing of large investors who have the utmost confidence in our company”, emphasizes Daudert.

About Staramba SE
Berlin based Staramba SE is a virtual reality (VR) pioneer with unique hardware and software expertise. The flagship project is the development of the world’s first social VR network STARAMBA.spaces: a new virtual world in which fans can interact up close with international stars. Photorealistic avatars that do not exist in any other platform and the integration of social media channels make STARAMBA.spaces a unique VR experience. The VR pioneer has also built the world’s most comprehensive database of photorealistic 3D models of top international stars. Another business area is the 3D-INSTAGRAPH® scanner developed by Staramba. This enables certified partners to generate photorealistic 3D avatars of consumers formany applications.

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