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Starbreeze Studios Launching VR Arcade Venue In Los Angeles

Starbreeze, the creator and distributor of premium games, with its headquarters in northern Europe, has just announced the launch of the first physical location. On 1/24, it announced its initiative to establish a VR arcade venue in Los Angeles called Project StarCade, and gaming studios is inviting developer to create more VR contents. The VR initiative is to introduce VR experience to more people, allowing them to experience first hand, and to explore the world of Virtual Reality, so more people will have a better idea of what this VR is all about.


Starbreeze continues to stress the fact that VR is something that requires to be experienced in person, and that is the main purpose of building this VR amusement paradise, and also Starbreeze Studios would receive feedback directly from all visitors, across all ages, genders, occupation, etc. In a sense, Project StarCade is something like a VR experimentation lab for the Studios.





Starbreeze is boasting their 210-degree, high-resolution VR headset. Within this field of vision of 210 degrees, people get the real feeling of being immersive compared to others narrow angle headset. Starbreeze has been launching initially with “The Walking Dead VR” experience in VRLA expo, people get multiple times excitement in the game, the killing becomes more real. It delivers another level of scary sensation.




Starbreeze’s Project StarCade will open its doors to the public in either spring or summer this year. While the exact location is yet to be announced, but the sure thing is it will be in Los Angeles, and could be expected to see more blast being added in the near future. Get ready to be surprised by putting yourself in it and experience!


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